Please be aware that the registration process has not been perfected, but is being improved daily, and it will eventually be much more user-friendly. But if you follow these instructions for now, you will get your information into the database which will provide us with your emails and we can then start sending you all the information you will need during the season.


1. Click the ‘Register’ button at the top of the page.
2. You’ll come to the ‘Register to a Competition” page:
3. Click a division appropriate for one of your children. At this time, you may not be able to add all children, but as the website is improved you will be able to return to your account and complete entering information.
4. You should now be on the ‘Login’ screen. DO NOT attempt to use your old user name and password on this screen. Instead, you’re going to create a new account. Click the ‘Sign up now’ link (in blue) at the bottom of the screen:.
5. This will bring you to the ‘Register’ screen.
6. THIS SCREEN IS FOR PARENT’S INFORMATION! Enter PARENT’s name, email and create a password. You do not have to enter your birthday nor do you need to select a screen alias. Click register and you will get to the ‘Select Registration Type’ screen. Once you’ve gone to the Select Registration Type screen, you will click ‘Register as a Parent’.
7. You will then come to the ‘Add Children for Winter 2013-14’ screen. Click ‘Add a Child’, and complete that information. After clicking ‘Continue’, you’ll come to the ‘Complete Registration’ page. Check the box by your child’s name, drop down and add his/her grade level, check the ‘Pay offline’ box, and click continue. This should take you to the Division’s schedule (empty for now), and indicates you have completed registration.